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FairPay is an NFC card system for customers and merchants to make FairCoin payments as easy as with a credit card. The NFC Sticker contains a unique ID, which identifies the card's user and communicates directly with the linked App Panel. Through this Panel, the merchants even have the possibility of changing these FairCoins directly into Euros if necessary.

FairPay General Resources

==== FairPay website with user registration and log in ====


==== The use/userguide ====

https://board.net/p/FairPayFirstSteps (normal users)
https://board.net/p/FairPayLocalNodes (nodes - activate and charge)
https://board.net/p/fairpay_userguide (outdated)
https://board.net/p/fairpay_user_guide (outdated)

=== Local Nodes ===


=== For Clients ===

FairPay user case scenarios that can help us build a more resilient and user friendly tool.

=== For Merchants/coops ===

FairPay infrastructure and logistics

all the internal stuff of materials, producers and merchants here we can define our theoretical best model, with road map this is what we would WANT but then we DO what is possible with our resources, aiming towards that best model


card printing:

card templates:

=== NFC-devices ===


supply of NFC-reader:

FairPay Management Meetings

Here is an overview of the happened meeting since the formation of this working group (12/01/2018). The most information of this Wiki are taken from the conclusions during the meetings which are documented in the following list:



Working groups

The purpose of the different FairPay working groups is to organize, launch and coordinate the use of FairPay at the global level (https://board.net/p/fairpay_team).

* Technical

Compilation of bugs, issues, questions and reports:


1) Coordinating with tech team and developers of chip-chap

present team: @Diegotkd

2) Organise card orders and distribution, Contact/support LNs

  • Organise card orders and distribution, Contact/support LNs
    • distribution and activation index update:https://ethercalc.org/FairPay_Nodes
    • Isa, with the data of https://board.net/p/fairpay_team, to ask here the different nodes
    • Mail for the nodes: @biciAbhyanga and @Elle_flane will ask for each LN fairpay managment responsable(s)
      • collect the nodes involved and the quantities of cards requested and the minimum NFC phones required
      • card printing
      • shipping of these and terminals
      • process review
      • timing of the various stages

3) Support users online

FairPay For Festivals


You are interested in the project and you would like to join, you are very welcome. In this case, we have some question to help you to orientate a little bit at the beginning:

Description Team:

What are your interests?
What are your capabilities?
How much time can you dedicate?
What is your Local Node?
How much is bigger/stable is your Local node?



e-mail: fairpay@fair.coop


Participating Local Nodes: