In the ecosystem, we produce valuable and innovative knowledge so the aim of FairCoop School is to collect, process and distribute all these information in a blended (online and presencial) learning system. Our conceptual framework is a de-centralized model, easy to develop into a distributed model able to share our knowledge producing knowledge of worldwide interest, for that we set up FC School (online platform on Gcas):

A pilot course on Gcas platform Faircoop Principles[], with the following modules:

Integral revolution
p2p mode
Hacker ethics

Notwithstanding the project is open and in its setting up stage, in contents and materials as well as procedures and expertise. Further Pilot Courses on the following topics are being developed:

  1. Circular and Crypto Economy
  2. Cryptofinance, Cryptocurrency and Blockchains
  3. Inclusion and Human Care
  4. Politics, Philosophy, Ethics