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FairCoop Global Governance

FairCoop’s global decision-making process is structured by open global assemblies that take place in telegram groups. There are several different general assemblies gathered around different topics and scheduled on fixed days each month:

  • FairCoop General Assembly: Third Thursday of each month.
  • FairCoop Local Nodes Assembly: Last Monday of each month.
  • FreedomCoop Assembly. Second Thursday of each month.
  • Bank of the Commons General Assembly: Last Tuesday of each month.

For organizing global tasks and managing the work to do, we created the methodology of Open Coop Work in the summer of 2017. Open Coop Work Areas is a space where all participants of the FairCoop ecosystem may collaborate, build and organize the workflow in a decentralized and efficient way. It includes a method of dividing work into tasks, logging work done, and distributing the appropriate compensation to everyone that contributed.

Open Coop Work is divided into five main areas:

  • Orientation area
  • Communication area
  • Technical area
  • Circular economy area
  • Common management area

FairCoop has a stable budget for open coop work, decided by general assembly, which is currently €10,000 (EUR) per month.

Any area can present proposals to the FairCoop General Assembly for fixed income for any of their participants that have a high involvement in repetitive, monthly tasks. Consensus is required to secure funding for fixed incomes. The remaining budget, after the fixed incomes, is distributed to the people who have performed validated tasks. All validated tasks have to be considered a priority for one of the five areas.

Fixed income work is currently compensated based on a €6.25 (EUR) per hour rate. Pay rates for validated task work can vary. When the pay rate for task-based work is between €5 and €10 per hour, this will come out of the budget directly. If a pay rate is less than €5 per hour, then the money is reserved for the next month. If a pay rate is more than €10 per hour, funding would be used from the budget from previous months or a budget increase can be proposed to the general assembly


→ How we take decisions?…


→ What is the “nature” of an assembly?

→ how do global/online assemblies work?

FairCoop General Assembly (GA)


FairCoop Local Nodes General Assembly (LN-GA)

Every last Monday of each month, 19:00 CET in the FC Local Nodes Telegram group

Index of assemblies





→ how do local/physical assemblies work?

Work Governance

→ Open Coop Work …what is it basically about? (link to faircoop wiki entry)

→ What are working groups? etc.

→ Roles and Responsibilities

Summer Camps

→ What are they for and which decisions had been taken there until now for the internal governance structure and the future of FairCoop?