Criterias to attend events

  • Events can be propossed three ways:
    • there´s an event and a group or individual wnts to attend
    • Someone from faircoop notices about an event and a faircooper tells to the group
    • the organizer of an event announce the invitation to faircoop
      Up to the first case: The event is taken to the assembly and if there´s agreement for the convenience of attending and the budget is approved, they have to send to the coordinator an account number to send the funds Up to the second case: The coordinator will ask to the closer LN if they can/ want attend. If they want to, we will ask if they have funds enough for attending, if not Common management will help. If they need an expert. If they do we will ask to a experienced faircooper if can attend. Up the third case: The same as second one.
      1. The ideal number of faircoopers to attend should be 2 , with exceptions
      2. The budget should be approved in extension assembly. If the budget is over 500 fairs, it must be approved by global assembly.


First steps for attending to events:

When somebody o a LN notices about an interesting event for Faircoop or Faircoin, the first step is to announce it through those three ways:

If someone is interested in attending to it:

  • send it an specific email (events@fair.coop)
  • Pm to the events coordinator (@esterhe)

    Then the coordinator will send the form.

The form will recall all the info needed for attending ( if it the propossal cames from an individual or a LN, it it´s local or global, celebrating dates, number of persons, if funds are needed, budget, etc)
If funds are needed it´ll be agreed by the extension assembly.

Before the event

When The assembly agrees the budget

- we check they have all required info and assess it's all okay - we pay, if necessary and agreed, advance funds or travel/event bookings to be returned by the organisers

  • obtaining funds from the organising event (sometimes requires filling in their forms) if they offered to pay some aspect of the trip
  • we add them to the extension sm calendar
  • we tell other relevant groups, etc. in case a blog or post or even status or message will be sent (coordination with PR/ social media group)
  • we give them tools kit for this issue:
  • write access to the CRM, preferrably as an app or simple login, and instructions on how to quickly note contacts they make
    • access to a folder on cloud.fair.coop to upload media
    • access to a private folder to upload reciepts if necessary

During the event

  • They are requested to write notes and add contacts they make as soon as they can before they forget or life gets in the way etc when they get home.
  • They may present, recieve a prize, give a talk or workshop, have a stall..

After event

Part of the agreement may include;

  • a report being written and published
  • followup with local contacts joining faircoop(pollinising)
  • publishing something on or outside faircoop websites
  • completing the CRM contacts additions and uploading remaining media
  • uploading remaining reciepts for being sent to Common management

Other issues to take in account

  • Database of events

    We have to decide which tool are we using for this purpose.

  • Funding

    If funds are required and the assemblies considers it´s ok, we must consider if it is an extension group task to pay or if it is a common management group one.

  • Criteria to participate in a event

    criteria must be agreed in the next global assemblie or in extension group to obtain an agile process

  • Coordination with social media and PR

    The individual or group who assist should send pictures and a little resume to social media group for being published



  • June
    • Dakar (Senegal) http://inaise.org/en/conference/2018-inaise-international-conference. 20-21-22th June. A conference calling all Investors in social economy is held in Senegal. The conference will take place for a period of 3 days and will be a good occasion to present our circular economy and represent correctly Faircoin in Africa. Attends @onix.
    • Caux (Switzerland). http://www.thecareconomy.org. 27 -1st July. The “TheCAREconomy and Money” collective meet-up is a gathering organized to happen during the annual Caux Forum, whose mission is to inspire, equip and connect people, groups and organizations to build a just, sustainable and peaceful world. Pending who´s attending.
  • May
  • April
    • Jalisco (Mexico). http://2018.talent-land.mx/. 2- 6th April. Jalisco Talent Land es el evento de innovación que da cita al talento que está dando el máximo para encontrar las soluciones correctas a los problemas actuales. 22- 26th April. Attends Puebla LN. https://board.net/p/talent_land_2018_conclusions-+
    • La habana (Cuba). https://cubacoop.app.rsvpify.com/. 2th april. Meet-up sobre soluciones tecnológicas, sistemas y comunidades para economías cooperativas que pueden existir como alternativas independientes del capital y del estado. Attends @mayel
    • Budapest (Hungary). https://ridersonthemall.com/. 12th April. . The theme this year is about post-capitalism, the post-digital world and within that, using technology for empowerment instead of exploitation, and we are putting together the programme accordingly. Attends @Enric.
    • Oaxaca (Mexico). 3rd Tumin Tianguis. 14th April. Talk about Faircoop to the Oaxaca collective.Attends Puebla LN.
    • Brussels (Belgium). http://baltanlaboratories.org. 18 -21 th April. In this extensive four-day workshop, Paolo Cirio, Brett Scott and Luce Goutelle will take you on a journey into the dark heart of finance, showcase previous investigations and interventions into the financial sector, and explore the cracks in the district of Brussels, the European financial regulatory. They will then guide you in building your own financial art-hacks. Brussels LN.
    • Ponte Lima (Portugal). Conference of Faircoop / FairCoin in the lectures of computer engineering organized by the Polytechnic. April 19th. Attends @berzas & @sfkls
    • Ponte Lima (Portugal).Talk about Faircoop in Limiar Sensitivo, holistic space. 20th April. Attends @berzas & @sfkls
    • Barcelona (España).https://cooperativa.cat/la-cooperativa-integral-participa-a-la-23-fira-per-la-terra-2018/. 21-22th April. Attends Catalunya LN.
    • Brussels (Belgium). http://www.hackbelgium.be/.27th april. Blokchain expert to explain the Faircoop tools. Attends @Enric.
  • March
    • Copenhagen (Denmark). https://www.facebook.com/events/155300891799185/. 29th March. Do you want to be part of a Global Economic System Revolution? Sell your products and services in the region or abroad? Maybe focus on solving the social issues of Copenhagen? Lokal Valuta København invites Candela and Luis from to teach us about the arising world wide Cooperative Economic System FairCoop and its cryptocurrency FairCoin. It is a great opportunity to learn how it works and take the chance to use it to solve the local problems. Attends @candela & @luis.
    • Madrid (Spain). https://congresosnoviolencia.com/congreso/. 23 -25th March. Testimonios de primer nivel nacional e internacional con ejemplos claros que han cambiado realidades.Mesas de trabajo. Desobediencia a las leyes. Lucha frente a poderes económicos. Cultura y Educación Noviolentas. Atends @looserecordings.
  • February
  • January