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Communication Area

This area is the Faircoop's Media Center. We use this group for the coordination of daily tasks related to media and communication, also events participation and public relation. The Communication Area is subdivided in different sub-groups (content and translation, design, social media and extension (events and pr)). If you want to participate, please contact us. We are always looking for new people in our team :) !

You can contact us and join us via Telegram Messenger, to install Telegram, please go to https://telegram.org/

Media & Communication Telegram Group (main group)

Graphic Design Telegram Group (create and adapt the design)

Content & Translation Telegram Group (managing the blog content and translation)

Extension Telegram Group (relation with external media)

Events Telegram Group (look for participators, organize invitations and create new ones)

Campaigns Telegram Group (to coordinate and follow campaigns)

PR Telegram Group (to coordinate the PR tasks)

Articles Telegram Group (to share articles and videos about FairCoop and FairCoin)


here you will find current needs for help in the Media & Communication Area (Forum)