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Chat Groups of the FairCoop Ecosystem

An incomplete list of active chat groups for collective discussion and collaboration.

Join Telegram:

Join Matrix:

( a few groups are bridged from Matrix: [here info to be added] )

WARNING » Telegram is proprietary software, and it copies your address book to match contacts, unless you forbid Telegram to read the address book. Better use our trusted services (beta), FairChat (based on Rocket.Chat, allows automatic translations for reading) FairForum (based on Discourse).

You can also ask to be added to a group by email: coop@fair.coop

  • Welcome to FairCoop - Q&A - Group for newly arrived people. Ask questions about the Faircoop resources, tools, freedomcoop, etc. read anonymously or write to the channel FairChat Telegram


ORIENTATION - For Orientation Area coordination. https://t.me/joinchat/BaJ2C0LItcqqB99i8Aw3bA

Not a group for newly-arrived members, that would be the Ask Us Anything one.https://t.me/askfaircoop

COMMONS MANAGEMENT - Provide a collective way to manage and account for every common resource of the ecosystem. Each project (FreedomCoop, Getfaircoin and Local Nodes) who manages money, needs to account their own and bring to the common ecosystem accounting group, as also those which are taking care of payments (expenses) such as in Tech (hosting, domains etc), legal issues and elsewhere.


MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - For news, and Faircoop's Media Center. Coordination of daily tasks related to media and communication. This is only really active amongst people who have signed up to do something regularly in this area. We are always seeking new participants for the media teams!


CIRCULAR ECONOMY - To coordinate and boost the real economy in the Faircoop ecosystem.



TECHNICAL - Tech discussion where some admins and programmers are to be found.. Please join the tech group on Telegram. Also, for technical questions, we prefer you use IRC or the main FairCoop group. If you are really clever and have a suggestion or bug fix for one of our packages, we have a shared repo on GitHub, and we have a pad where you can volunteer resources or software evaluations to a shared pool: https://board.net/p/adminconfederacy


You can ask to be added to any group by email: coop@fair.coop






Nuevos grupos tras la ultima asamblea en castellano. Puedes pedir apuntarte a cualquier grupo al email: coop@fair.coop