Chat Groups of the FairCoop Ecosystem

An incomplete list of active chat groups for collective discussion and collaboration.

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WARNING » Telegram is proprietary software, and it copies your addressbook to match contacts, unless you forbid Telegram to read the address book. Better use our trusted services (beta), FairChat and FairForum (based on Rocket.Chat).

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  • Welcome to FairCoop - Q&A - Group for newly arrived people. Ask questions about the Faircoop resourses, tools, freedomcoop, etc.

  • Multicurrency Ecosystem - Specific group for monetary questions, to share all questions, experiences, and proposals connected to the relation between FairCoin and other currencies. Especially to discuss and learn how to make FairCoin interact with local and regional currencies and facilitate the role of offices of exchange within this multicurrency ecosystem.

WELCOME - For Welcome Area coordination. Not a group for newly-arrived members, that would be the Ask Us Anything one.

COMMONS MANAGEMENT - Provide a collective way to manage and account for every common resource of the ecosystem. Each project (FreedomCoop, Getfaircoin and Local Nodes) who manages money, needs to account their own and bring to the common ecosystem accounting group, as also those which are taking care of payments (expenses) such as in Tech (hosting, domains etc), legal issues and elsewhere.

COMMUNICATION - For news, and Faircoop's Media Center. We use this group for coordinating day to day tasks related to media and communication. This is only really active amongst people who have signed up to do something regularly in this area. We are always seeking new participants for the media teams!

CIRCULAR ECONOMY - To coordinate and boost the real economy in the Faircoop ecosystem.

  • FairMarket Management - Where most developers and day-to-day staff solve problems and decide on the details of tasks and communication work. We use the forums to discuss and debate with site users, and a monthly assembly as a decision-making body. Tasks agreed at these assemblies are passed to our task board (also on the currently down beacon site). Join in by asking at the FairMarket Support group.
  • FairMarket Support - To get support about setting up a shop or managing your account/payments, or to receive information about FairMarket's features, or about any other question that might concern your regarding FairMarket.
  • FairMarket Assemblies - This is the group for the monthly online Fairmarket assemblies
  • UseFaircoin - For the UseFaircoin website admins
  • FairPay Management - Managing FairPay service at the global level and coordinate between all administrators
  • FairPay Testing - Test group for FairPay application and service in general

TECHNICAL - Tech discussion where some admins and programmers are to be found Group Admins: (Ale Canque, Guy, Enric). Please join the tech group on and have a look at the history of this aspect. There is a Telegram group. Also, for technical questions we prefer you use IRC or the main FairCoop group. If you are really clever and have a suggestion or bug fix for one of our packages, we have a shared repo on GitHub, and we have a pad where you can volunteer resources or software evaluations to a shared pool:

You can ask to be added to any group by email:

  • Nomadic node



South America

FC Latino America.

FC Argentina - Trabajar y debatir acciones en proceso y Apertura de Nuevos nodos

North America

Middle East



  • Autonomous Housing Group - Developing autonomous housing solutions.

  • FairBNB - Community-based tourism.


  • CommonRoutes - Developing an application to provide transportation on a collaborative and sharing manner


  • FairEnergy - Coordinating the collaboration between blockchain energy project Pylon Network and FairCoop.



  • Education - Interconnecting the alternative education and the alternative economy movements around Europe and eventually the world. Self-education initiatives already interested or connected to the FairCoop ecosystem are welcome.


  • CoopFunding

* Freedom Coop - Managing and developing strategies related to the creation of Freedom Coop.

  • Freedom Coop Legal - Discuss and organize Freedom Coop in the economic and legal aspects, and also relevant matters about FairCoop.
  • Freedom Coop Admin - For Freedom Coop admins, related to OCP admin and support.
  • Freedom Coop Tech - For managing technical activities and project about Freedom Coop. Strictly technical.

Current membership at


  • Call Center Greece - A Cooperative project from refugees to refugees (R2R)

Nuevos grupos tras la ultima asamblea en castellano. Puedes pedir apuntarte a cualquier grupo al email:


  • FairCoop Teenagers' Group / FairCoop Para Adolescentes - For young people interested in FairCoop.



  • Grup de discusió regional. Horari d'Atenció: Dimercres, 4-6 pm

Greek (Ελληνικά)

Esperanto (JustaKoop)




  • Italy & Malta group - Manage activities and projects running in or related to Italy and Malta.


  • Discusion group about Faircoop in Portuguese. Also involving people from Brazil in the process of creating local nodes.

Old or inactive groups that played a relevant role in building the FC ecosystem.

  • Bank of the Commons creation - Debate about the creation of the Bank of the Commons, an important tool whose vision is to provide shared banking infrastructure to the movement. It includes the development of FairPay.