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Introduction of Circular Economy (CE) Area

During the OpenCoop Work Summercamp in 2017 there have been 6 meetings about Circular Economy, either more general or more specific on tools (e.g. FairMarket).

As an area of interest, it's been quite some time that FairCoop has been looking into ways of building a self-sustainable circular flow of goods and services at all different scales: from local, to regional, to continental, to worldwide, using Faircoin. During the Summercamp we decided to introduce this Area of OpenCoop work in order to coordinate all the different groups/tools involved, and also to expand our CE to new places and initiatives.

Original working pad during Summercamp: https://board.net/p/circular_economy_summercamp_2017

Boost the real economy of the FairCoop ecosystem

  • Facilitate, above all, a Fair Circular Economy for every local community involved in the ecosystem, and contribute to its homeostasis.
  • Dynamize real economy exchanges in the FairCoop ecosystem, including different local nodes and places at every scale.
  • Make field research on productive options by bioregions, create statistics and communication channels.
  • Organize and dynamizing logistics at different scales.
  • Dynamize collective orders in Fairmarket and promote global exchange campaigns in a holistic approach, in order not only to facilitate real exchanges but also to bring attention onto a wide scope view of the regional situations involved: Ecologic, socio.political, cultural, legal, health, access to resources, etc.
  • Promote Fairmarket, Usefaircoin and Freedomcoop use for circular economy.
  • Call key global suppliers to accept Faircoin.
  • Extend FreedomCoop and assist in the creation of analogs of in other continents.
  • Support new coops involvement in the FairCoop ecosystem.
  • Make field research on productive options by bioregions / communication / routes.
  • Make field research on uncovered (or currently unfairly covered) needs by bioregions.
  • Documentation & Statistics.
  • Legal consultancy for commercial and customs issues; develop de multis and ad hoc disobedience strategies.
  • UseFaircoin maintenance / support.
  • FairMarket maintenance / support.
  • Facilitate outreach material on campaigns and events to the Communications Area.
  • Maintain active communication with the Local Nodes in order to have an up to date notion on the economic possibilities and situations of each.
  • Offer Local Nodes support in the economic sphere and dynamize collective solutions, locally and/or among them.
  • Keep communication with the Nomadic Nodes regarding the economic developments they go through in their travelling.
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • FairMarket
  • UseFaircoin
  • FairPay
  • FreedomCoop
  • Fairfunds

It is a role incorporated in each Area and its main purpose is to facilitate the work and the people involved, in a way that the whole Area’s activities are fluent and smoothly accomplished. This is not a role that creates any kind of superiority over other participants, but a role which comes with the responsibility of having an overview of the Area’s work and people involved in each task, while providing any assistance needed to progress.

Currently are: lolo @lolau (https://t.me/lo_lau) ☛ Any other that is interested to assign this role too, should raise the issue in the group first to get the necessary feedback from existing facilitators/members. ##Facilitator's responsibilities * Facilitating work flow, assisting people engaged in tasks caring that everyone is happy doing their deeds. * Being aware of the whole activist flow of the area and the different platforms updates (Telegram, OCP, UseFaircoin, FairMarket, FairPay, FreedomCoop). * Having a wide scope feedback flow overview between Local Nodes and the Area. * Facilitating communication with other areas. * Assisting with the prioritization of tasks from the backlog of each process, and the general Area's backlog. * Facilitate the Area's Assemblies (send reminders - ensure they are held). * Absorbing concrete tasks out of reach of the workgroup's capabilities, for whatever reason it may happen. * Facilitating human cares in the Area.