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Circular Economy

An Open Coop Work (OCW) Area to coordinate and boost the real economy of the FairCoop ecosystem. Our goal is to build a self-sustainable circular flow of goods and services at all different scales: from local, to regional, to continental, to worldwide, using FairCoin.

Open weekly meetings are hold in Circular Economy chat group, every Friday at 17h CET (CET, UTC+1)

There we discuss and prioritize all tasks that are put in the Circular Economy Backlog

Anagent's Dashboard, based in Open Collaborative Platform (OCP) data, is used then for planning and logging our work

☛ In case you don't have an OCP account yet, please fill in this form

FairMarket (FM)

This is a subarea of CE that is focused on our most important tool, to promote trade of ethical products and provide an on line shop for merchants and users that are involved in our Fair Economy.

FairMarket support group: https://t.me/joinchat/BssUHEL1ujINMp1gDfDQrA

useFaircoin (UFC)

Description: The UseFaircoin website is the global platform where all people around the world who use Faircoin are shown. It works as a Directory where anyone can post or add his listing (service, project or shop).

  1. Date and link to the assembly which adopted :
  2. Actual Responsible: Onix228, IvanEsperanto
  3. Facilitator : Michalis K
  4. Production link: https://use.fair-coin.org
  5. Link to dev for tasks/issues:
  1. People involved: Onix228, IvanEsperanto, Arros
  2. Whos maintain: Onix228
  3. Programming languages: Wordpress (+ Custom PHP, Python, JavaScript)
  4. Software sources:
  1. Documentation / Support:


Application that can support POS and NFC cards connected to FairCoin accounts. http://fairpay.fair.coop/

Common Routes

Application for providing transportation on a collaborative and sharing manner.

Contacting global coops and merchants

This is a work groups which aims in introducing FairCoin economy to (mainly global) cooperatives, shops and individual merchants, in order to expand and strengthen the real economy around FairCoin. More info...

Interoperability group

The interoperability group (https://board.net/p/fcecosysteminteroperability_assemblies) brings together all architects of IT systems in a technical and architectural periodical meeting on various aspects of our work. So far we have looked at:

Assemblies normally take place in the Circular Economy area group, but also decided according to the subject and groups interested.