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Nodo Madrid: Revised the criteria, see section in Spanish (22/3/2018)

Changes on criteria for exchanges from fair to eur

No changes here. this means that merchants are all backed if they receive legitimate payments. Just a suggestion for merchants. If they receive unusually high demand from some users, please comment before accepting the enquiry (perhaps fairmarket support, or your local node or your active contacts could work), so we make sure that nobody is looking to resell fair products as a way to get their faircoins back to euros.

(distributed in different scales)

a) global coopworker. Limit to 1000 eur / month

  • People who are paid for global tasks in faircoin on Faircoop by OCW and on other global coops tasks; it has to be faircoins received as part of this work.
  • People that do volunteer work on global tasks. Minimum 20 hours per month.

    This has to be backed by the coop where tasks are done or faircoop area. In this case, faircoins that are exchanged, could come from before.

b) local coopworker. Limit to 500 eur / month

(it is related to what local sustainability campaign receives per month per person)

  • People that are paid for local tasks as part of sustainability campaigns. It has to be faircoins received as part of this work.
  • People that do volunteer or paid work for local tasks. Minimum 10 hours per month. Has to be backed by a local node.

c) Commited user. Limit to 100 eur / month

  • Member of freedomcoop; with maximum the amount in euros that they were paid or they converted in faircoin.
  • People that bought in getfaircoin, with maximum the amount they invested in euros.
  • People who are active or sporadical participant in the ecosystem and are not covered by previous criterias. It could include participants in assemblies of working groups, assemblies of local nodes, people who have extended faircoin to be used in more places, etc.